Floor plans

Here are some example floor plans for you to look through to give you an idea of the space inside the tent with furniture and staging etc. We are happy to create specific floor plans for your event working along side your ideas and making scale diagrams to help you visualize your venue.

28x15 150 seated floor plan with dance floor

10x15 floor plan with dance floor and stage for 80 people

10x23 floor plan Party tent

10.5x15m floor plan informal style seating 60

overhead diagrams to show space used

Floor plan for 12m x 15m 60 guests formal seating

Large Venue floor plan for 1000 capacity

18m x 15m120 seated on trestle or round.

8 x 10 all sides up 48 people round tables

10m x 23m ceremony style tent for 147 seated