Justins wedding reception tent, Colerne

One of our small sand stretch tents erected for a wedding in Colerne near Bath July the 28th

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Press tent WOMAD 2017

Just finished the build of the press tent for WOMAD festival 2017 for the 5th year, check out the wacker, essential for sinking those pegs into the sandstone of Malemesbury. Roll on show time.

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4 days, 8 tents.

We have just had one of our busiest weeks since founding Stretchevent 7 years ago. 7 of our stretch tent canvases and one of our traditional catering tents all out and up in one amazing week and we finnished a day ahead of schedual. Well done crew, thanks so much for all your hard work.

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Stretch tent wedding at The Grange Belluton near Chew Magna 15.07.2017

Just finnished the build for Jenna's wedding day at the Grange, Belluton. Four tents have gone up in total, two to make the 28x15m dining and dancing venue, a catering tent with walkway and another smaller 10x15m stretch tent to be used as a ceremony tent for the wedding. Have an amazing day Jenna.

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Red Fest 2017 by Destin 8 in Upton Bishop, Ross on Wye

We have just finished our stretch tent build for Red Fest 2017 in Upton Bishop, Ross on Wye for the second year running, made up of two of our tents, a small black one and a larger red one. It is designed to be a staged venue and along with the grounds it is erected in will play host to four bands and an audience of around two hundred.

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Kirsty's wedding at The Wilderness Center

The wilderness Center, Plump Hill, Mitcheldean

Our two new white stretch tents erected together overlooking a stunning view with the Malverns to the left, May Hill in the middle and a bend in the Seven river to the right. The view was framed perfectly when looking out from inside the tent. Kirsty's wedding location has one of the most stunning views one of our tents has seen. Have an amazing day Kirsty.

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Tents out to dry

Dealing with a wet takedown, a behind the scenes look at what it means to take wet tents home from a job.

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