About stretch tents

Stretch tent building

Stretch tents are modern, stylish and

organic in design.

They are extremely versatile

and can be rigged in many different ways.



We can erect them up off the ground and open to the surrounding scenery, in effect bringing the outside inside, incorporating the surrounding vistas and views into the space where the focus of your event will take place. 

Rose garden stretch tent
Stretch tent walls



Alternatively If the weather is looking like rain or wind we can rig our tents down to the ground providing a wall system to keep the elements out. At Stretchevent we monitor the weather conditions leading up to your event to make sure we provide the best solution to your needs.

We buy our tents from Tentickle and Freeform, the founding stretch tent suppliers based in South Africa. They are crafted to an amazingly high standard, incredibly water proof and designed and tested to adhere to all European and British safety standards.